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Property Development in London

As one of the most active property markets in the world, coupled with the fact that most commercial property investments and developments are in the millions or tens of millions, investors must be shrewd and are always looking for an angle to make a deal more profitable.

Hab Consult work with both high risk investors who are looking to convert offices to residential or chop up a portfolio with some cunning asset management, and low risk clients whom are seeking merely to sit on a moderately yielding building and want to ensure they have diligently considered all things pertaining to the investment.

This is not just limited to the structure and fabric of the building, but also; who is responsible for the common parts, are works covered by the service charge or the dilapidations liability? What energy efficiency improvements can be made to increase the EPC rating and does it comply with the investor's social policies? How much will a full refurb cost and to what level is this required? These are but a few of the questions our client's require answers on before committing to an investment or development and we ensure they have the whole picture before taking the next steps.

Following this, our adept project management team will ensure that your London development is suitably procured using our pool of preferred professionals and contractors, whilst keeping in mind all the moving parts of a development, with things such as planning, marketing the end product, party walls, supply chain and other moving parts that will affect the development.

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