Dilapidations relates to a claim for damages in respect the of the tenant's lease obligations for repairing, maintaining, reinstating and decorating the property. It is perhaps the most contentious area of building surveying and a topic that requires specialist knowledge of the law.

The purpose of these lease clauses is to ensure that the tenant maintains the property to the standard expected within the contract (lease). Unfortunately, many tenants do not take care of their landlord's property and therefore face a substantial dilapidations claim at lease end.

There are 3 types of dilapidations claim; Interim (mid-term), Terminal (lease end) & Final (post tenant works).

We have had much experience in preparing, negotiating and settling dilapidations claims for both landlord and tenant clients, and we take a commercial view on matters to ensure that our clients do not get dragged into court unnecessarily.

We provide reasoned advice and take a meticulous approach to inspecting properties, whether preparing or disputing a claim.



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