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Pre-acquisition Surveys

Whether this is your first commercial property purchase, or you are a seasoned investor, before making any investment,it would be wise to know the potential risks you face. Likewise, before purchasing a commercial property or entering into a long leasehold tenancy it would be sensible to obtain some pre-purchase advice to fully understand the risks you face.

A commercial building survey (also known as due-diligence) is not only a detailed inspection of the structure and fabric of the property, which advises on repairs and associated costs, but also offers advice on future maintenance, lease conditions (in particular dilapidations & service charge liabilities) and occupational concerns such as fire risks and health and safety matters.

When inspecting any property our surveyors will consider the age and type of construction of the property to account for know associated defects with that era or construction method. These could be any issues; from carbonation affecting the concrete structure of a 1960’s office block to dry rot affecting the timbers of an Edwardian pub.


A pre-acquisition survey is not merely limited to older buildings, as new buildings too can be fraught with issues, particularly with the advent of a lot of new and untested construction materials and methods. HAB Consult keep up to date with with latest technologies and use our in-depth knowledge of building pathology to consider the implications of these.



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